What we offer?

We offer you a complete solution that should be simple but effective and give you an easy-to-work platform where you will showcase yourself from your absolute best side. Our process always starts with a 40 minute consultation either via video meeting and can be extended if necessary. This is to ensure that we have exactly what you are looking for and that we can deliver what you want. Areas in which we specialize are:


Reaching high in hits when searching within your company's niche is important and gives you greater chance to new customers. We work for a 5- to 8-week period in optimizing your website for search engines and also make sure that you are linked to the most important networks for your particular business. Google business, social media and search engine optimization are some of the things we work with but also other but often forgotten areas to give you an edge over your competitors

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A good website is the most important key in your company's marketing efforts, everything that is important in your business must be seen in a simple and easy-to-understand way. We offer a comprehensive solution where we create a unique and professional website for your company. The look is customized to fit the company's profile and your wishes. Of course, all our websites are adapted for mobile, tablet and desktop

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Our work does not end when our services or products are delivered. Our baseline service for the client is that they get maximum help both before, during but also after an assignment. This is done through a portal that you as a company can access by signing an agreement with us. There you have help in form of written content, video instructions, direct message via chat or mail and via our ticket support system

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Here we have a collection of topics that we find interest in and that we think you as a company may benefit from. Everything does not have to cost unless you count time, of course.

New year, new challanges

New year usually means starting over, taking new steps or meeting new challenges. Have you had a good 2018 and what plans do you have in the future? In our work, we meet increased demand from companies in January and February for the services we offer. Many people may see an opportunity to improve their […]

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Firefox shows you if your passwords have been leaked

Firefox always works at the forefront and now offer a service that shows if your passwords have been leaked. Are you sure your passwords are secure? Check it out yourself with the new service, which even shows if they run the risk of leaking in the future. The service is called Monitor So what is […]

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We are now finished with our new website

We have been working for a couple of weeks to improve our site for you as a customer and hope you like the changes we have made. This has been a lengthy process as we transitioned from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 and we have also added some Material design. We will continue to work […]

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Our Packages

Do you want to renew your website, start a new website or get an online store, there is something for everyone here.
Free audits included, delivery time 3-10 days depending on services ordered.

349 Eur

Business Package Basic
  • Custom made WordPress theme

  • New Logo

  • New Socialmedia graphics

  • Businesscard template + 10 businesscards

  • Google Business Setup

  • Facebook & Instagram Setup

  • Education in managing Website

499 Eur

Business Package Premium Most Popular
  • 1 Domain

  • Webhosting Start

  • 3 Business emails

  • Wordpress Basic

  • Custom made WordPress Theme

  • New Logo

  • Socialmedia Start + Graphics

  • Businesscard template + 10 businesscards

  • Education in managing Website

299 Eur

Business Package Webshop
  • Woocommerce alt. standalone alternative

  • 10 added items in Webbshop

  • Integration with website (if any)

  • Integrating Sociala Medier

  • Payment Solutions

  • Graphical Package

  • Education in managing Website

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