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Firefox shows you if your passwords have been leaked

Firefox always works at the forefront and now offer a service that shows if your passwords have been leaked.

Are you sure your passwords are secure? Check it out yourself with the new service, which even shows if they run the risk of leaking in the future. The service is called Monitor

So what is the background?

It has been written and reported almost daily lately about various companies that have been hacked or where the website due to misconfigurations has shown passwords as plain text for everyone to see and bad people harvesting them. It is always hard to protect yourself from it, but the service Firefox offers has some really nifty features where you add your email address so if such a situation arises in the future then you get a message about it and should change your password immediately.

It is always important to regularly update your passwords and it should be difficult to guess your passwords. But the harder the password, the harder it is to remember them so we always recommend our customers to use services such as Lastpass or Dashlane for this.

Our recommendations for being more secure online are:

  1. Use a password service such as Lastpass or equivalent.
  2. Never use the same password again on another website or app / service.
  3. Change your password regularly.
  4. Keep your mobile / computer up to date with the latest apps / software.
  5. NEVER download apps / software that the license codes or premium features have been cracked because these contains in 99.9% of cases backdoors or other malicious code that will infect your computer / mobile.
  6. Use a special email address for subscriptions or other less important ones, not your main email or your company’s important email addresses. We only recommend to our customers to use important Email addresses for security related functions or important protection services for their business. Of course, you use your Email addresses in your business, but be careful with them because they are valuable.
  7. Always use common sense when surfing because if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

If you follow these simple rules, you have done what you can to protect yourself and your business against costly intrusions and if you have not yet started using the service at firefox join right Now.

Here is the link again: Monitor

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